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Keith Alan the voice of ABC news for over a decade brings his company keithalanvoice to you! For 26 years Keith has been featured on Network TV and radio stations coast to coast. His unique sound makes him stand out and gives you the advantage. Keith's talent continues to keep him in demand. His recent ads include Cadillac and Wal-Mart as well as Home Depot and Checkers.  
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If quality had a name, Keith Alan would be it! No matter what I throw at him (it sticks) Great guy and a great voice. Mike O Brian FNC.

As idea's come to us, we go to Keith Alan to hear what they would sound like. Try him and see why we utilize his vocals and acting skill. Stephanie Quinn ABC Family.
Taking your idea's and breathing life into them
Keith Alan has brought his brand of voiceover to our TV lineup on France 24 (English) Since then we have people asking... who is that Voice? We know who, and now you do as well. Brian Tilden. France 24